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Lord Ganesha Seated On Base Of Shivalinga (Avudayar) - Jayamkonda Soleeswarar Temple - Nemam - Sivaganga

The deity of Nemam temple is Siva, known as Jayamkondeswarar and His consort is Soundaryanayaki. Another temple in the Chettinadu area which is one among the nine temples for the Nagarathar Community is the Shri Soundaranayaki sametha Shri Jayamkonda Soleeswarar Temple in Nemam, around 6 kms from Pillayarpatti on the Karaikudi-Madurai Road. This place is also known as Jayamkonda Cholapuram, Jayamkondapuram, Madhunadhipuram and Kulasekarapuram. The temple has a beautiful pond with lot of lilies. Water tanks in front of the temple is a common sight in most of the Karaikudi temples. There is also a shrine for Vinayaka near the tank.

Sri Jayamkonda Soleeswarar Temple
Sri Jayamkonda Soleeswarar Temple
Just outside the main shrine, we find a disfigured idol of the same Goddess which is supposed to be the original idol. Usually disfigured, damaged idols are not worshipped in any temples but here it is worshipped as per the wishes of the Goddess. The temple is a treasure trove of art work and has richly ornamental pillars and life size statutes from mythology. There are shrines for Vinayagar and Muruga on either side of the main shrine. Years ago, when it got disfigured the idol was about to be discarded, the Goddess appeared and asked the priest whether they will throw out their children if they are disabled, that made them to keep the idol for worship.

Sri Jayamkonda Soleeswarar Temple Dwajasthambam
Sri Jayamkonda Soleeswarar Temple Dwajasthambam
It is believed that Sage Agasthyar worshipped in this temple while he was on his way to Podigai Hills. When the demons were harassing the Devas, the latter went to Parameshwara to help Them. Since Shiva was in Yoga, they were afraid of disturbing Him. Manmatha was sent to hit the Lord with his flower arrow. This temple is associated with the demise of Manmathan when Shiva opened His third eye. (This story is repeated in several other temples as well). As Shiva overcame the temptation of Manmatha, He is called Jayamkondan and as the temple was built by Cholas, He became Jayamkonda Soleeswarar. The belief here is that to succeed in one's prayers, after taking bath in the Chola Theertham in front of the temple, garlands must be offered in seven shrines in this temple- Swamy, Ambal, Vinayakar, Bhairavar, Utsavar, Kalyanasundarar and Nandi. Once the desire is fulfilled, Abhishekam must be performed for both the Lord and the Ambal.

Sculpture On Temple Pillar
Sculpture On Temple Pillar
Bhairavar is facing west which is unusual. Separate shrines are also there for Jayamkonda Vinayakar, Murugan (with a bow and arrow in His hand, once again a rarity which is seen in one more temple, Aavoor near Kumbakonam), Vishwanathar, Visalakshi, Gajalakshmi and Durga. While most of the Nagarathar temples were originally built by Pandya Kings, this temple was built by Cholas and the latter renovation and improvement work was done by Varaguna Pandiyan. This temple also contains nearly 125 sculptures of exceptional beauty and some of them are very rare. For instance, there is a sculpture in which the head is that of Vinayaka, the body is that of a female, one leg is that of a lion and another is that of a bullock. Sculptures depicting the Meenakshi Kalyanam, Kalasamharamurthy, Urdhva Thandavam , Markandeyar etc are seen in this temple.

Avuday Vinayagar (Avudayar-the mount on which the Linga is placed)
Avuday Vinayagar (Avudayar-the mount on which the Linga is placed)

Temple Timings:

Morning Timings : 06:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Evening Timings : 04:00 PM to 08:00 PM
On Special Occasions timings might differ.

Temple Location:

Karaikudi can be reached from Madurai and Trichy which are at 70 Kms and 82 Kms respectively. Both the cities have airports and railway stations. Karaikudi also has a railway station. Buses ply from all the towns in Tamil Nadu to Karaikudi and all the above temples are on regular bus routes and are easily reachable. Karaikudi town has good number of hotels for boarding as well as lodging. It is around 6 kms from Pillayarpatti on the Karaikudi-Madurai Road.

Temple Address & Contact Details:

Sri Jayamkonda Soleeswarar Temple,
Sivaganga district,
Pin Code : 630 206.
Tamil Nadu.
Phone : 04577 264190 ; 94428 14475

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