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Lord Bhairava Appears With A Gada (Mace) - Sri Desikanathar Temple - Soorakudi - Sivagangai

The eighth Nagarathar temple is Shri Avudayanayaki Sametha Shri Desikanathar Temple in Sooraikudi. This is around 10 Kms from Karaikudi and is very close to the Chettinadu railway station. This is also known as Nagara Surakudi, to indicate its connection with the Nagarathar Community. The name might have been derived from the soorai shrub grown in abundance in this area. There are also other guesses like the demon Sooran worshipping the Lord here or Suryan worshipping in this kshetram. This is another Bhairava Kshetram and hence the theertham is called Bhairava Theertham.

Sri Soorakudi Desikanathar Temple
Sri Soorakudi Desikanathar Temple
Bhairava Janmashtami during the Krishna Paksha Ashtami in the Tamil month of Margazhi is an important festival here. At that time, Bhairavar alone is taken in procession. In Shiva Temples, Lord, Ambal, Vinayakar, Murugan and Chandikeswarar are called Panchamurthis and they are taken in procession during regular poojas. In this temple, Bhairavar takes the place of Chandikeswarar. The aarti offered to Shiva and Ambal is not offered to the devotees; in stead only the aarti offered to Bhairavar is offered to the devotees. In this temple, Bhairavar is worshipped first before offering prayers to Swamy and Ambal.

Sri Soorakudi Desikanathar Temple Prakaram
Sri Soorakudi Desikanathar Temple Prakaram
Daksha, father of Mother Parvathi conducted a yajna. He intentionally failed to invite Lord Shiva, his son-in-law and daughter. Sun attended the yajna. Lord Shiva sent his deputy Veerabadra to stop the yajna. Veerabadra not only stopped the yajna and also punished Sun-Surya and others for their participation. Sun came to this place and worshipped Lord Shiva seeking his pardon. Lord took pity on Sun and granted darshan. The temple has this story behind it. Bhairava is the prominent deity of the temple. Devotees worship Lord Bhairava first before doing so in the presiding deity and Ambica shrines. The camphor Arati offered to Lord and Mother is not offered to devotees for a touch. Only the Arati offered to Bhairava is offered to them.

Sri Soorakudi Desikanathar Temple Vimanams
Sri Soorakudi Desikanathar Temple Vimanams
In most of the Bhairava shrines, we find Him with a Trident; here He appears with a Club (Gada) and He is called Ananda Bhairavar. During the Karthigai Champaka Shasti festival, six days Homa are performed for Bhairava. Nandhi, the bull vehicle of Lord Shiva is in the Mandapam carried by lions. There is one more Bhairava in prakara behind Lord Shrine appears with a club in hand. Traditionally, Lord Bhairava appears with a trident in his hands. Here, Lord Ananda Bhairava graces with a club.

Lord Ananda Bhairava Graces With Gada
Lord Ananda Bhairava Graces With Gada

Temple Timings:

Morning Timings : 06:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Evening Timings : 04:00 PM to 07:30 PM
On Special Occasions timings might differ.

Temple Location:

The Soorakudi temple is about 10 kms from Karaikudi on the road to Kanadukathaan and the Chettinad railway station. The soorai shrub also abounds here and is given as an explanation for the name of the village. The temple has ten vimanams and two gopurams. Its rajagopuram to the east, comprises five storeys and is richly embellished. This is one of the temples of the Nagarathar clan that is held in high regard for its sculptures.

Temple Address & Contact Details:

Sri Desikanathar Temple,
Poovandipatti Alias Soorakudi
Sivagangai District,
Pin Code : 630 101.
Tamil Nadu.
Phone : 04565 281666 ; 94420 42137 ; 04565 281575

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