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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Lord Bhairava With 27 Stars & 12 Zodiac Signs In His Holy Body - Sri Dakshina Kasi Kala Bhairavar Temple - Adiyamankottai, Dharmapuri

This Temple is situated 7 Kms from Dharmapuri on the way to Salem. There is a hillock on top of which is a mud fort only a small portion of which is seen now. Rest of the fort has disappeared. This fort is believed to have been constructed by King Adhiyaman in the 9th century. There is also a lake near this place which adds to its beauty. When lot of temples were being destroyed in the 8th and 9th centuries and the local kings were getting defeated by invaders, Adhiyaman consulted the astrologers and as advised by them, established this Kala Bhairavar temple. It is believed that the Murthy was brought from Varanasi (Kasi) and hence this temple came to be called Dakshina Kashi Kala Bhairavar temple.

Sri Dakshina Kasi Kala Bhairavar Temple Archway
Sri Dakshina Kasi Kala Bhairavar Temple Archway
Adhiyaman was believed to have worshipped here regularly and with the blessings of the Lord, had won all his battles. For a very long time, the key of the fort used to be kept in this temple, as Bhairava is believed to be the Guardian. There are only two temples in India for Sri Dhakshina Kashi Kala Bhairavar. At Kashi (Varnashi /Dhakshina Kashi) and at Adhiyamankotai, Dharmapuri. The temple is 1200 years old. The Dhakshina Kashi kala Bhairav has all the eight manifestations (Ashta Bhairavar) in him. (Asithaanga Bharivar - Ruru Bhairavar – Chanda Bhairavar - Krodha Bhairavar – Unnmatha Bhairavar - Kapaala Bhairavar - Bheeshana Bhairavar and Samhaara Bhairavar)

Sri Dakshina Kasi Kala Bhairavar Temple Complex
Sri Dakshina Kasi Kala Bhairavar Temple Complex
The King Adhiyaman During his rule faced many problems in his kingdom. To dissolve those delusion, fearless, dispassionate, and to get liberation the great Astrologers in his kingdom advised: to overcome all your problems, you have to establish a separate temple for Sri Kala Bhairavar and worship him, addressing this Kala Bhairava as "Lord of Time-Death" (kala) for who shone like the god of Death, but there is only one temple at Kashi, hence you should go to Kashi and do Ganga pooja, from the river bed of Ganges you should procure the stone for carving the Bhairavar. The stone carving of the Sri Bhairavar should be done at Kashi by the sculptures, and after doing all Vedic spiritual rituals, should be brought to Tagadur for pradhishta. The temple roof at Tagadur should accommodate Navagraha and his Vahanam the Dog (ruru) and the Nandi should be present and pradhishta of the deity should be done facing South as in Kashi. Accordingly it was the King Adhiyaman Neduman Anci on the advice of the great Astrologers established this temple, in the midst of Smashanam during 9th century at Tagadur (present Dharmapuri). Before the King go to the battlefield he will keep the sword and worship to Sri Kala Bhairavar here. He King not only won the war, he was happy as well as everyone in the Tagadur during his time. Today the replica of the sword which was used by King Adhiyaman Neduman Anci during the battle is at this Kala Bhairavar temple. The temple wall has inspiration of the temple history in its form of stone inscriptions, and can be seen by visiting the temple.

Lamps Made Out Of Coconut And Ash Gourd Is Lit In This Temple
Lamps Made Out Of Coconut And Ash Gourd halves Are Lit In This Temple
Sri Dhakshinâ Kashi Kala Bhairav temple today is one of the most interesting at Dharmapuri, Tamilnadu. Entering from the street, through the Dwajasthambham and Bhairava's mount the dog (Ruru) guarding the main temple and as you enter one finds a fine courtyard with the nine planets (Navagrahâ) on the inner roof top and the Nandi, in the sanctum centre of which is the main deity of Bhairava. You have to observe silent under the Navagraha being they will be reciting Thadhasthu almost every time. (means let it happen like that). The deity of Bhairava appears Nude and standing position along with his Vahanam is visible through the doorway of inner sanctum. He carries Trident, Head, Padanghusha, and small membrane in his hands. He wears snake as poonool (yajnopavitam) and in the hip, the rest of Bhairavar's image-said to be having 27 stars and 12 zodiac signs in his holy body.

He is an ambiguous character terrifying, violent despicable, irresistibly attractive. It is believed that worshipping here Sri Dhakshina Kashi Kala Bhairav, will dissolve the delusion in the mind, makes one fearless and dispassionate, in creases detachment and grants liberation. His worship in fire is considered as auspicious and accelerates spiritual progress, being he has the power to compress time in our consciousness and dissolve all unfavourable times. The celestial guardian can shield us from all forms of negativity with his fierce energy. Those having malefic planets in the birth lagna (Time) in transit are effective to reduce their negative effects here. He is also the presiding deity of planet Rahu.

Entrance To The Sanctum Of Sri Dakshina Kasi Kala Bhairavar
Entrance To The Sanctum Of Sri Dakshina Kasi Kala Bhairavar
In fact the temple itself was lost to time until over a decade ago when a swami from Karnataka visited the temple and explained its importance. The area around the temple was covered in vegetation so much so that it was almost impossible to go near the premises. On the sanyasi’s advice, it was cleared, a kumbabishekam was done and worship was resumed. Devotees from the state of Karnataka were the first to visit, followed by people from Tamil Nadu. The temple did not have a gopuram until the present gopuram and other mandaps were added around three years ago. Although the extensions are necessary considering the enormous crowds that this temple attracts, it is a fact that they detract a little from the beauty of the temple and its location in an idyllic rural setting.

Sri Dakshina Kasi Kala Bhairavar Temple Main Deity
Sri Dakshina Kasi Kala Bhairavar Temple Main Deity
The Mahamandapam of this temple is unique. The ceiling is divided into nine sections – each is designed as a diamond shaped recess called a chakra. Thus each is a chakra for each of the nine planets. The chakras representing the planets are designed around the central Surya chakram. Devotees are asked to walk under the chakras and then offer prayers to Kaala bhairavar. The idol of Kaala Bhairava is seen with his vahana, the dog, on a Padma peedam, the lotus pedestal. It is about three feet tall and faces south. Although the deity holds a trisul, a kabalam and has a halo of flames around its head, it is a very peaceful, benevolent form.

An ancient idol of Nandi is seen facing Kaala Bhairavar in the maha mandapam .Behind the image of Nandi is a stone pedestal that is used for lighting a lamp. There is a carving of Vinayaga at the base of the pedestal and one of Nandi at the top. The images are typical of a Siva temple, though this is not one in the traditional sense. They are probably there because kaala bhairav is worshipped as an avatar of lord Siva. There are running reliefs of sculptures that go all around the outer walls of the temple. Take time to look at these sculptures that depict war scenes, gods, and armed soldiers and so on.

The 12 Zodiac Signs In His Holy Body
The 12 Zodiac Signs In His Holy Body
Although it is considered auspicious to visit the temple on Thei-pirai ashtami days, Sundays and new moon days if you hope for a peaceful visit sans crowds avoid visiting at these times. Weekdays are usually quiet. The temple is a great favourite with astrologers. Special homam and poojas are conducted on certain days. Priests urge you to take part in these, temple shop-keepers urge you to buy the deepams unique to this temple… but even without all this it is a fact that this is a temple where prayers are answered.

Temple Timings:

Morning Timings : 07:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Evening Timings : 04:00 AM to 08:00 PM
On Special Occasions timings might differ.

Temple Location:

The temple is located just off the Salem-Dharmapuri road, 6 kms from Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu. A skeleton of an ancient fort and Chenraya Perumal temple and Kalabhairava temple are some of the tourist spots here.

Temple Address & Contact Details:

Sri Dakshina Kasi Kala Bhairavar Temple,
Athiyaman Kottai, Salem Bye Pass Road,
Dharmapuri district,
Pin Code: 636 705,
Tamil Nadu.
Phone : 98423 34271 ; 94432 72066 ; 97869 51375

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