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Monday, 18 December 2017

Importance Of Trident (Trishul) - Divine Weapon Of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is the primary deity in Hinduism for many devotees and one of the Trimurti along with Brahma and Vishnu. Most devotees are familiar with the different legends associated with Lord Shiva, which uphold his status as an invincible Divine power. There are certain things associated with Lord Shiva. These include the crescent moon on his head, the Ganga flowing from his matted hair and his Damru (the drum of creation). Another symbol associated with Lord Shiva which is perhaps as important as any other, is his Trishul or trident weapon. There are several stories associated with this divine weapon and it carries special significance.

Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva
The trishul is the primary weapon of Lord Shiva and was also used as a weapon of his ten-armed consort Maa Durga. It is probably the most powerful weapon mentioned in Hindu mythology along with Vishnu’s Sudarshan Chakra. The three pointed blades of the Trishul represent Brahma, Vishnu and Lord Shiva himself and are said to hold their divine energy. According to other legends they also represent the Tridevis – Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kaali. The three blades also symbolize the three Gunas- Rajas, Tamas and Sattva and the three Lokas – Swarg, Bhu and Patal. The physical, mental and spiritual senses of mankind is also signifies by the three blades of the trishul. It destroys the ego of devotees and spreads divinity and Shakti into their souls. Whenever the trishul has been used by Lord Shiva, it has always been for the restoration of peace and divinity in the Universe and the destruction of evil.

The trishula symbolism is polyvalent and rich. It is wielded by the god Shiva and is said to have been used to sever the original head of Ganesha. Durga also holds a trishula, as one of her many weapons. The three points have various meanings and significance, and, common to Hindu religion, have many stories behind them. They are commonly said to represent various trinities— creation, maintenance and destruction; past, present and future; the three gunas. When looked upon as a weapon of Shiva, the trishula is said to destroy the three worlds: the physical world, the world of the forefathers (representing culture drawn from the past) and the world of the mind (representing the processes of sensing and acting). The three worlds are supposed to be destroyed by Shiva into a single non-dual plane of existence, that is bliss alone.

In the human body, the trishula also represents the place where the three main nadi, or energy channels (ida, pingala and shushmana) meet at the brow. Shushmana, the central one, continues upward to the 7th chakra, or energy center, while the other two end at the brow, there the 6th chakra is located. The trishula's central point represents Shushmana, and that is why it is longer than the other two, representing ida and pingala.

As trident symbol represents auspiciousness, so by praying and giving pure thoughts to the mind with devotion we can be ONE with lord by balancing our thoughts and actions which can relieve us from Past, Present and Future or agony of birth, life and death. Thus help us to lead a life of bliss while still being under the protection of the almighty.

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