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Auspicious Panchaloham (Five Metals)

Panchaloha is a term for traditional five-metal alloys of sacred significance, used for making Hindu temple idols (Murti). The method for making Panchaloha images was a well-kept secret for a long period. The composition is laid down in the Shilpa shastras, an ancient text on idol making. It is traditionally described as an alloy of gold(Au), silver(Ag), copper(Cu), Brass and lead(Pb) as the major constituent. Instead of lead, some use tin (Sn) or zinc (Zn). It is widely believed that wearing jewellery made of Panchaloha / Panchdhatu brings balance in life, self-confidence, good health, fortune, prosperity, and peace of mind.

Lord Ganesha
Lord Ganesha
The percentage of metals used is 4 portions of silver, 1 portion of gold, 8 portions of brass, 8 portions of copper and a small quantity of iron. This percentage is only to give a general idea and might vary from region to region. Today, the main constituent in Panchaloha idol is copper, brass and lead. Large quantity of copper is mainly used in idols that are sold in large-scale like the Nataraja statue. But the idols made for temples strictly follow the tradition and contain gold and silver. Even in Vaastu Shastra, it is suggested to keep a Panchaloha idol at home. Accordingly, Panchaloha should be installed at the entrance of the house as it is suppose to bring prosperity to the House and its inmates. But it is also used for decorative purposes.

Panchaloha is made from The five metals are: gold, silver, bronze, copper and iron.
  • Gold was attributed to the sun, tin - to Jupiter, silver to the Moon, iron - to Mars, mercury - to Mercury, lead - to Saturn and copper - to Venus.
  • Applying metal plates to different parts of the body that correspond to active points to improve health and heal people is known as metallotherapy or siderism.
  • Doctors and scientists proved that with the application of gold, copper, lead or zinc on the affected area, the current flows from the metal piece to the skin. When silver or tin is used, the current flows in the opposite direction - that is, from the skin to the metal.
  • Therefore, gold, copper and lead are recommended to treat the diseases related to impaired functions of organs. Silver and tin are recommended for diseases of excessive functions.
  • Wearing Silver allows a nervy and short tempered person to alleviate his problems and feel better. Silver also has an anti inflammatory action on people. That is why acupuncturists use silver needles to negate inflammation of organs.
  • Copper is not only an important element for living, but it’s also known for its ability to heal wounds faster, sterilize water, treat lung disorders, and help headaches.

Charging of water: Metals like Gold, solver, and copper are put in water and kept for a specific time and used for Healing process. Gold - Respiratory diseases like asthama, breathlessness, diseases of lungs, Heart disease, brain decrease. It relaxes body and mind. Silver - Organs related to digestion liver, intestines, stomach etc. Also diseases of Urinary system. Its also has anti viral, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. Copper - Joint disease, leprosy, polio, high BP, mental anxiety, paralysis etc.
Lets look at its composition (components and percentage used),
  • 1st version - a mixture of Copper, Silver, Gold, Copper sulphate and Lead.
  • 2nd version - a mixture of Copper, Silver, Gold, zinc or zinc sulphate and Lead.
  • 3rd version - Copper, Silver, Gold, Iron and Lead (Composition - Copper 20%, Silver 33.33%, Gold 13.33%, Iron 26.66%, Lead 6.6% or the ration as 3:5:2:4:1 parts)
  • 4th version - Copper, Silver, Gold, Zinc sulfate and Brass (Composition - Copper 80%, Silver 2.5%, Gold 0.5 %, Zinc sulfate 1%, Brass 16%)
  • 5th version - Copper, Silver, Gold, Iron and White lead (Composition - Copper 15.4%, Silver 17.9%, Gold 12.8%, Iron 7.7% and White lead 46.1% or the ratio as 6:7:5:3:18 parts)
  • 6th version - Copper, Silver, Gold, Iron and Brass (Composition - Copper 36.36%, Silver 18.18%, Gold 4.54%, Iron 4.54% and Brass 36.36% or the ration as 8:4:1:1:8 parts)

Few of them use Arsenic and Tin in place of other metals.

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