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Unique Temple Where Trinities - Vishnu, Siva & Brahma Are Found Along With Their Respective Consorts - Uthamar Koil - Manachanallur, Trichy

Uthamar Koil is one among the 108 divyadesams of Vishnu. This temple is unique as this temple houses all the three major gods of the Hindu pantheon Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva with their consorts in one temple. Brahma has very few temples in India and this is an added attraction for this temple. It is One of the 108 divyadesams and a temple for Shaiva-Vaishnava unity. It is a Divyadesam next to only Srirangam. It is the only temple where all the 3 moorthies are present with their consorts in separate sannidhis. It is very rare to find temples where the Holy Trinity – Brahma Vishnu and Shiva are Worshipped in the same temple premises.

View Of Uthamar Koil
View Of Uthamar Koil
All the seven gurus – Brahma Guru, Vishnu Guru, Siva Guru, Sakthi Guru, Subramanaya Guru, Deva Guru, Asura Guru – are present here. This is the only temple where Lord Brahma himself is present as Lord Guru facing South in a separate shrine with the vimanam and Urchava moorthy. In other temples, only Lord Dakshinamoorthy will be present as Lord Guru. So this is a very significant Temple for Guru Worship. As per the legend, Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva had five heads. Once Brahma visited Kailash, Shiva's residence. Parvati, the consort of Shiva, mistook Brahma for her husband and washed his feet. Brahma was proud of himself and hence he didn't stop her from doing so. Shiva saw this and got angry. He cut down the fifth head of Brahma. However, he could not get rid of this sin; the fifth head of Brahma stuck to his finger. He started begging (in the form of Bhikshatanar) with the skull as the bowl; whenever someone put food into the bowl, it automatically disappeared. Ultimately, Shiva got rid of his hunger when Lakshmi filled his bowl with food.

Entrance Of Uthamar Koil
Entrance Of Uthamar Koil
As per another legend, the king Janaka (father-in-law of Lord Rama of Ramayana, the great epic of India) performed a yagna in this site. The sanctity of yagna got spoiled by a dog and even the seers forgot how to continue with the ritual. As per the advice by a seer who disappeared later, Janaka worshiped a kadamba tree. He got darshan of all three Gods in the tree. He accordingly built this temple with all the three deities. It is also believed that the childless king Dasarath (Rama's father) visited this temple and prayed to the Lord.

Uthamar Koil Prakaram
Uthamar Koil Prakaram
The sanctum sanctorum has the idol of Lord Vishnu called as Purushothama in the reclining posture. He is found lying on Adi Sesha with Brahma on the lotus flower emerging from his navel. The idol is slightly longer. There are two large dwarapalak idols at the entrance of the sanctum. A small Garuda idol is facing the sanctum. Poornavalli, the consort of Purushothama, is found in a separate shrine in the prakara.

From the first prakara, there is a separate entrance to get inside the Shiva temple. It is located on the back side of Purushothama's sanctum. This section of the temple has idols related to Saiva sect. The sanctum has a small Shiv Linga called as Bhikshatanar; a utsava (processional) idol of Bhikshata form (beggar form) of Shiva is also found here. Soundarya Parvati, the consort of Bhikshatanar, is found in a separate shrine in this section. It is a small idol; the Goddess has four hands. A separate flag post and bali peeth along with Nandi idol are found in this temple.

Uthamar Koil Aerial View
Uthamar Koil Aerial View
A separate shrine for big idol of Brahma in the sitting posture and the shrine of Gnana Saraswati in the sitting posture nearby are located in the prakara. There are other idols such as Surya, Chandra, Bhairav, Nalvar, Vinayaka, Bana Linga, Vayu Linga, Dandayudapani and Adi Brahma are found within the Shiva temple. In centuries gone by, Uthamar Koil formed part of ‘Foursome Divya Desam’ wherein devotees used to first visit the Uraiyur (in Trichy), walk across the Cauvery to the Ranganatha temple in Srirangam and then cross the Coloroon to Uthamar Koil and then to Thiruvellarai, thus covering four divya desams in one go.

Temple Timings:

Morning Timings : 06:00 AM To 12:30 PM
Evening Timings : 04:00 PM To 08:30 PM
On Special Occasions timings might differ.

Temple Location:

The temple is situated near the tollgate area of Trichy on the Trichy Salem road. As you proceed on the highway you can see a railway over bridge. The temple is to be approached below this flyover on to the right side. There are no rajagopurams for the temple. Number of buses ply from Chathiram Bus stand in Trichy. One can also come by bus to Toll Gate (Just after the old Coloroon road bridge) and walk about 5-10 minutes West to reach the temple. The temple is just adjacent to the Uthamar Koil railway station.

Temple Address & Contact Details:

Sri Uthamar Temple,
Manachanallur Taluk,
Pin Code : 621 216,
Tamil Nadu.
Phone : 0431 2591466 ; 0431 2591040 ; 0431 2591351 ; 99424 62145 ; 94891 66288

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