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To Get Good Alliances For Those Praying For Marriage Bond - Sri Siddhi Buddhi Dakshinamoorthy Vinayaka Temple - Melattur, Thanjavur

The Dakshinamoorthy Vinayaka temple in Melattur is known for its capability to bring good alliances to the single men and women praying for marital bond. It also helps resolving issues in family life and infertility. Mythology Has It That Sri Gargha Maharishi, Who Chronicled The 108 Famous Vinayagar Sthala (Temples) In The Gnana Puranam, Has Listed The Melattur Sri Siddhi Buddhi Dakshinamoorthy Vinayagar Temple As The 81st Holy Shrine.

Sri Siddhi Buddhi Dakshinamoorthy Vinayaka Temple
Sri Siddhi Buddhi Dakshinamoorthy Vinayaka Temple
During huge floods in the 19th century, one Sri. Swaminatha Iyer (father of Late Sri. V. Ganesha Iyer - founder of Melattur Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Jayanti Bhagavatamela Natya Nataka Sangam), a resident of Melattur village found a Vinayagar statue which floated in the rivulet (of Cauvery). He immediately brought the statue and subsequently started work on constructing a temple around the statue that he placed in the current location of the temple (east street). After his time, the elder brother of Ganesh Iyer, Sri Radhakrishna Iyer, took charge of the temple and completed the construction. The Kumbhabhisekam for the temple was conducted in the year 1899. Sri Radhakrishna Iyer took great interest in the upkeep and running of the temple, making its fame reach widely, thus earning the name “Pillayar Tatha” from the local people of the village.

Main Deity Of Melattur Vinayaka Temple
Main Deity Of Melattur Vinayaka Temple
The main deity of this temple is a suyambu. He adorns a necklace of Rudraksha in his neck. The main deity is seated facing south, earning the name Sri Dakshinamoorthy Vinayagar. Though the temple is an exclusive Ganesha Temple, we follow saivite tradition in poojas and upkeep of the temple. Just like Nataraja, the cosmic dancer is present in any saivite temple, Melattur Temple has Nardhana Vinayagar (The Dancing Ganesha), sporting a trident in his hands, smiling and showering blessings upon his devotees, along with his consorts Sidhi and Budhi.

The temple has three prakarams. The first one circumbulates the main deity, the second one circumbulates the temple beam, while the third one circumbulates the whole temple from outside. The temple has separate Mandapams for Lord Bhairva and Chandikeshwara. Apart from these two mandapams there are also Alankara Mandapam, Vasantha Mandapam, Yaga Salai, and Temple Kitchen.

Lord Vinayaka Along With His Consorts Sidhi & Budhi
Lord Vinayaka Along With His Consorts Sidhi & Budhi
There is a strong belief and trust that girls and boys who are seeking marriage, those for whom a good alliance maybe getting delayed, if they pray here at this temple and perform a pooja, a marital alliance happens soon. Thus, this Vinayagar is known and worshipped as “Vivaha Varamarulum Vinayagar” (the grantor of the boon of marriage). Soak the white crown flower and pray with it the next day to the Dakshinamoorthy Vinayagar and it is believed He will speed up the marriage process. There are special poojas for people who come looking for solutions for their marital life problems. The turmeric thread, which is kept at the feet of the Lord, is worshipped and tied around the wrist of the people who seeks blessings. It is said that within 41 days whatever their wish is, it would come true. The flowers of Naayuruvi Plant and Kamuga plant are very important flowers for the deity here and he is said to be pleased when worshipped with such floral offerings.

Temple Timings:

08:00 AM To 08:00 PM
On Special Occasions timings might differ.

Temple Location:

Sri Siddhi Buddhi Dakshinamoorthy Vinayagar Temple Is Located In Melattur, Located 18 Kms From Tanjavur. Although There Are Several Famous Temples In This Tiny Village, One Of The Most Prominent And Powerful Among Them Is The Sri Siddhi Buddhi Dakshinamoorthy Vinayagar Temple. The village is located next to Thittai. The Melattur Village also has powerful Narasimha and Shiva Temple.

Temple Address & Contact Details:

Sri Siddhi Buddhi Dakshinamoorthy Vinayaka Temple,
Pin Code : 614 301,
Tamil Nadu.
Phone : 99943 67113 ; 98440 96444

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