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Graha Hora Timings - The Auspicious Time

Each day starts at sunrise and ends at next day’s sunrise. This period is divided into 24 equal parts and they are called horas. A hora is almost equal to an hour. These horas are ruled by different planets. The lords of hora come in the order of decreasing speed with respect to earth: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon. After Moon, we go back to Saturn and repeat the 7 planets. The first hora of any day (i.e. a period of one hour following sunrise) is ruled by the lord of the weekday (Sun for Sunday, Moon for Monday, Mars for Tuesday, Mercury for Wednesday, Jupiter for Thursday, Venus for Friday and Saturn for Saturday). After that, we list planets in the order mentioned above.

For example, let us take 9:40 pm on a Wednesday on which sunrise was at 6:10 am.
The time elapsed since sunrise is 21:40 – 6:10 = 15:30. So the 16th hour since sunrise was running then. This is ruled by the 16th planet from Mercury. After subtracting multiples of 7 from 16, we get 2. So the hora (hour) is ruled by the 2nd planet from Mercury. From the list given above, we see that the 2nd planet from Mercury is Moon. So Moon’s hora runs at 9:40 pm.

The basic idea is simple. Each day is divided into hours, beginning at sunrise. If sunrise is at 7:13 AM, for example, the first hour of the day is from 7:13 - 8:13 AM. The Second hour is from 8:13 - 9:13 AM, etc. Each hour carries the energy of one of the planets. The order in which this occurs is as follows: The first planet for each day will be the ruler of the day. Sunday - Sun, Monday - Moon, Tuesday - Mars, Wednesday - Mercury, Thursday - Jupiter, Friday - Venus, Saturday - Saturn.

In calculating the planetary hours for Sunday, for example, first you look up the time of Sunrise in the newspaper. Then you designate the first hour to the Sun, the ruler of Sundays. The rest of the hours follow a set sequence - Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars.

In another example, if the day is Wednesday, then the first hour ruler is Mercury, the Second is the Moon and so on. When you reach the end of the sequence, start over with the Sun. In this way, it is simple to make a hora table for any day. Once you have constructed the table of planetary hours, you can begin important activities during the hour of a planet which supports the particular type of activity you are planning.

Chart on Graha Hora Timings (Morning Hours):

SunSurya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)
MonChanra*(Moon)Shani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)
TueMangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)
WedBudha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)
ThuGuru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)
FriShukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)
SatShani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)

Note: The Planets/Graha in Pink/Magenta with * are the auspicious timings.

Chart on Graha Hora Timings (Morning Hours) Contd...

SunMangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)
MonBudha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)
TueGuru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)
WedShukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)
ThuShani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)
FriSurya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)
SatChandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)

Note: The Planets/Graha in Pink/Magenta with * are the auspicious timings.

Chart on Graha Hora Timings (Night Hours):

SunGuru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)
MonShukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)
TueShani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)
WedSurya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)
ThuChandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)
FriMangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)
SatBudha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)

Note: The Planets/Graha in Pink/Magenta with * are the auspicious timings.

Chart on Graha Hora Timings (Night Hours) Contd...

SunShani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)
MonSurya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)
TueChandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)
WedMangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)
ThuBudha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)
FriGuru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)Surya (Sun)Shukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)
SatShukra* (Venus)Budha* (Mercury)Chandra* (Moon)Shani (Saturn)Guru* (Jupiter)Mangala (Mars)

Note: The Planets/Graha in Pink/Magenta with * are the auspicious timings.

Here is a general list of planets and the types of activities they represent:

Sun - career, health, sports, government, authority figures.

Moon - public relations, family, domestic, mother, personal needs, social life.

Mercury - communications, mental work, education, information, errands, clerical work, presentations, business.

Venus - romance, emotion, social life, family, sensory experience, the arts, entertainment.

Mars - physical activity, competition, sports, brothers.

Jupiter - financial, philosophical, religious, travel, education, children.

Saturn - organizing, business, house cleaning, paying bills, taking care of responsibilities.

Generally, the hours of Saturn and Mars should be approached carefully. Saturn's hour can bring delays, obstacles and pressures, but may also be a great time for doing business. Mars sometimes brings arguments or harshness, but may also bring good ambitious energy.

The hours of Venus and Jupiter, on the other hand, are usually favourable for most activities. But it must be understood that each person will respond differently to a planetary hour based on the specific indications in their natal horoscope. Nevertheless, through experiment, it is possible to get a sense of your own particular response pattern. And this can become an interesting and even valuable way to approach each day astrologically!

Uses of Hora :

Sun : Sun hora is dynamic energetic and powerful. Coronation, meeting with high officials, Health related works, Trade, spiritual matters, government works are suitable.

Moon : Moon hora is soft delicate and fluctuating. Sea, water, liquid related works, agriculture, gardening, travel, food related activities bring success.

Mars : Mars hora is sharp, aggressive and volatile avoid important activities during this period. Construction, electrical and mechanical engineering works, competition, sports, litigation, fire related activities are recommended.

Mercury : Mercury hora is quick and inconstant. Education, learning, communication, writing, agreement, trade, travel, discussion. related matters are suitable.

Jupiter : Jupiter hora is auspicious fruitful and increasing. Financial matters, travel, progeny, spiritual matters, and all important auspicious activity are recommended.

Venus : Venus hora is beneficial aesthetic and uniting. Love, romance, marriage, sex , recreational and enjoyable pursuits, music, art, dance related activities are recommended.

Saturn : Saturn Hora is inactive, slow and delaying; avoid activities which need speedy expedition. Laying Foundation, Entering new house/city, opening fixed deposit, usage oil, iron, and Steel. Activities are recommended.

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