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Dogs Are Considered As Divine In This Temple - Sri Muthappan Temple - Parassinikadavu, Kannur

Muthappan Temple, also called Parassinikadavu Muthappan temple is a Hindu temple, located at Anthoor Municipality on the banks of the Valapattanam river about 10 km from Taliparamba and 16 km from Kannur City in Kannur District, Kerala. Principal deity of the temple is Sree Muthappan, a manifestation of two mythical characters called Thiruvappana and Vellattam. According to the local tradition the presiding deity is a manifestation of Shiva. Rituals of the temple is unique in that it does not follow the Satvic Brahminical form of worship, as in other Hindu temples of Kerala. The main mode of worship is the a ritual enactment of both the characters of Muthappan, through a traditional dance known as Muthappan Theyyam.

Beautiful View Of Sri Muthappan Temple
Beautiful View Of Sri Muthappan Temple
A version of the legend of Ponnu Muthappan is narrated here: Naduvazhi of Ancharamana in Eruvessi village and his wife, Padikutty Amma, had no offsprings. Padikutty Amma was an ardent devotee of Shiva and when she found a baby floating in a basket of flowers in the river water when she was coming back after a bath in the river, she took it as the blessing of Lord Shiva, and so was her husband. The child grew up and in his boyhood, he was always for the benefit of downtrodden and poor people. However, to the agony of his family he practiced hunting, and also started eating flesh, which was not allowed for a Naduvazhi. Unable to bear the indictments from his family, the boy decided to leave home. When his mother attempted to stop him, he looked at her in fury and appeared in his original godly figure before the parent. She bowed down before her son. Nonetheless, she requested him to cover his eyes with a Poikannu, a type of shield for the eyes, since she was afraid that such a fiery look on another occasion may cause to emanate the cosmic force, Shakti, that could change the entire world. Wearing a shield on his eyes, he left the family, and passed through various villages in Malabar, such as Kunnathurpadi, Puralimala, Padavil, Thillenkeri, Kannapuram, Parassinikadavu and Valluvankadav.

Sri Muthappan Temple Front View
Sri Muthappan Temple Front View
The legend relates Muthappan with a tribal family for the divine boy started being called as "Muthappan". Accordingly, when he reached a village called Kunnathurpadi, he got a tribalman, Chantan as his friend. One day, when he saw Chantan tapping toddy from Palm tree the boy asked for it but was denied. All of sudden, Chantan was cursed and became a stone. His wife prayed and offered to perform the rituals, Oottu, Tiruvappana and Amruthakalasam, to propitiate the boy in the month of Dhanu. The boy relented and gave her husband back. The Chantan family started to conduct pooja to propitiate the boy and they called him in the name: "Muthappan".

Dogs At The Entrance Of Sri Muthappan Temple
Idol Of Dogs At The Entrance Of Sri Muthappan Temple
However, according to another version of the legend Muthappan climbed the coconut tree and emptied the toddy jar in the absence of Chantan. When Chantan returned and saw Muthappan holding the jar, he was provoked and defied the latter. It was at this instant, Chantan was cursed. The chieftain of a nearby village, Kunnathurpadi, who belonged to Karakattidam family, came to know this incident and invited Muthappan to his family. Hence the people of Kunnathurpadi village also started performing rituals to propitiate Muthappan. The legend also describes a dog which always followed Muthappan throughout his journey. Hence, in the temple of Muthappan, dogs are considered divine and the temple entrance has an idol of dog, at both sides.

Sri Muthappan Temple Inside View
Sri Muthappan Temple Inside View
The ritualistic enactment of both the characters of Sree Muthappan, Thiruvappana and Vellattam, is performed daily in the early morning and in the evening. Puthari Thiruvappana festival, conducted on 16 Vrichikam (this Malayalam day corresponds to 1 or 2 December), is the first Thiruvappana of the temple year. It is associated with the harvesting season of the region. The last Thiruvappana of the temple year is on 30 Kanni every year.

Thiruvappana And Vellattam
Thiruvappana And Vellattam

Temple Timings:

05:00 AM To 08:00 PM
On Special Occasions timings might differ.

Temple Location:

Parassinikadavu is at 22 km from Kannur town. Kannur municipal bus stand is the major bus terminal nearest to the temple. Nearest railway stations are Pappinisseri and Kannapuram about 11 km. Nearest major station is Kannur about 16km. Karipur International Airport, Kozhikode, about 110 km from Kannur. There is an upcoming airport in Kannur which will reduce distance to 25km.

Temple Address & Contact Details:

Sri Muthappan Temple,
Kannur district,
Pin Code : 670 563,
Phone : 0497 2780722 ; 94474 36862

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