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Mythical Floating Stones Connected To Era Of Lord Rama - Sri Panchamukhi Hanuman Temple, Rameswaram, Ramanathapuram

Rameswaram island is one of the famous “Place of Pilgrimage” and a tourist spot in India. It is well known by the Hindu devotees & Pilgrims for its sacredness mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures such as puranas and epic Ramayana. Millions of pilgrims and tourists visits ‘Rameswaram’ all around the year.

Sri Panchamukhi Hanuman Temple (Thulasi Baba Mutt)
Sri Panchamukhi Hanuman Temple (Thulasi Baba Mutt)
Rameswaram is the sacred town renowed for the Ramanathaswamy Temple. The place Rameswaram, always flashes the Ramasethu episode of Ramayana. Rama and his Vanara army including Hanuman constructed the see bridge (sethu) to Sri Lanka, killed Ravana in a great war and rescued Sita Devi. According to Ramayana, this bridge was built more than 1.75 million years ago. This bridge made of floating stones can still be seen between India and Sri Lanka from Rameshwaram, the place where Lord Ram prayed to lord Shiva and started the construction of the bridge. Since this story is very old and unproven, many historians, scientists and archaeologists deny accepting this bridge to be built by lord Rama but at the same time they are unable to explain the concept of floating stones found in Rameshwaram. There are no proofs of this bridge being built by lord Rama but there are many evidences for the same.

Sri Panchamukhi Hanuman
Sri Panchamukhi Hanuman
This small temple is located just opposite the Seetha Theertham. Five faced Hanuman, adorned with Senthooram all over his body is present here. There are many floating stones on display which were supposedly used to create the bridge on the sea as per mythology. In the process of killing a demon Ravana, Hanuman was blessed with five faces – Lion’s face of Narashima, Garuda (to fly), Hayagriva, Varaha and the fifth one being Hanumar himself – through blessings of Mahavishnu.

View Of Floating Stones Inside Temple
View Of Floating Stones Inside Temple
By worshipping Pancha Mukha Anjaneyar, one can get rid of enemies with the help of Narashima mukha; overcome all types of Dosha with the help of Garuda; get all types of wealth with Varaha; and get Gnana with Hayagriva. At this temple, there is a lamp next to lord Ram which is on for last 30 years. Panchamuga Anjaneyar’s big size relief is installed. It was believed that the 700 years old temple at Dhanushkodi, which was destroyed during 1964 tsunami and the moorthams were brought here.

Floating Stones
Floating Stones
You have to believe the fact that 20kg stone floats on the water.
Amazing floating stones only found in coastal region of Rameswaram.
Ramayana says floating stones used in the construction of Ramasethu.
These floating stones may be the evidences of Ramasethu (Adam's Bridge).
These stones are similar to normal stones in physical & chemical composition.

Floating Stones
Floating Stones
The theory of these stones made of Pumice (Volcanic rock), is also unproven.
Thousands of pilgrims everyday, shows high interest to see floating stones.
4 to 5 floating stones, each weighing 10 to 20 kgs kept in Rameswaram temple.
Few more stones are there in Panchamukha Hanuman temple.

Temple Timings:

Morning Timings : 06:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Evening Timings : 04:00 PM to 09:00 PM
On Special Occasions timings might differ.

Temple Location:

Panchamukha (five-faced) Hanuman Temple is situated 2 km away from the Rameswaram temple. Here Hanuman is dressed with senthooram (vermillion). The temple has Deities of Rama, Sita and Hanuman which were originally at Dhanushkodi and are brought during the 1964 cyclone. Temple has floating stones called ‘Sethu Bandanam’ that were used during Sethu Bandanam (building a bridge between India and Lanka).

Temple Address & Contact Details:

Sri Panchamukhi Hanuman Temple,
Thulasi Baba Mutt,
Ramanathapuram district,
Pin Code : 623 526,
Tamil Nadu.

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