Saturday, 28 May 2016

Sri Narasimha Prapatti - Acts As A Great Protective Shield

Lord Narasimha
Lord Narasimha
A simple sloka that acts as a ‘great protective shield’ at all times. There are no restrictions on who can tell or when and where this sloka can be told. To elaborate, it can be told not only after a bath but also at any time or place . This powerful prayer on Sri Nrusimha is reproduced below for those who would like to learn.

Mata narasimha, pita narasimha
Bratha narasimha, sakha narasimha
Vidyaa narasimha, dravinam narasimha
Swami narasimha, sakalam narasimha
Itho narasimha, paratho narasimha
Yatho yatho yahihi, tatho narasimha
Narasimha devaath paro na kaschit
Tasmaan narasimha sharanam prapadye

Mother is Narasimha; Father is Narasimha
Brother is Narasimha; Friend is Narasimha
Knowledge is Narasimha; Wealth is Narasimha
My Lord is Narasimha; Everything is Narasimha.
Narasimha is in this world, Narasimha is everywhere (Omnipresent)
Wherever I go, there is Narasimha
Narasimha is the Supreme Lord, there is none other than HIM
So, I humbly seek refuge in you, Shri Narasimha

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